An enhanced RUMM application for conducting Rasch item analyses was released as RUMM2030 on 1 January 2010 and the licence setup was restructured on 1 March 2012.  A new Professional Edition has replaced the former 1-Yr/3-Yr Licence Edition but the status of the current  Standard Edition remains unchanged.   

RUMM2030 offers a further advancement in the conduct of interactive Rasch analysis within the Rasch paradigm for Rasch Measurement Theory.  RUMM2030 is available in two editions: Standard and  Professional.  As with the RUMM2020 application, both the Standard and  Professional editions of RUMM2030 are available as a one-off purchase, that is, there is no requirement to renew the licence at some appointed time in the future.

In addition, the prevailing distinction between commercial and academic versions for RUMM2030 will no longer apply: one price only for the Professional Edition ($1,200*) and one price only for the Standard Edition ($800*).  Select from the tabs BELOW for multiple licences. 

An overview of the two editions is provided below, FOLLOWED by a SET of TABS for DISPLAYING and then selecting the costs and ordering details for the licence structure that suits you.

The previous version of the RUMM Item Analysis application, RUMM2020, is no longer supported.

       * For Australian-based purchases ADD 10% GST to the licence cost [prices in $AUD].
       * For INTERNATIONAL purchases [outside Australia] prices in $US (US dollars).

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of RUMM2030 contains the main features essential for conducting a Rasch item analysis in accordance with the RUMM paradigm and Rasch Measurement Theory.  It is an upgrade from RUMM2020 in functions and in the presentation.  This edition replaces RUMM2020, which was released in the year 2003.

Major additional features of the Standard edition include:

1.   assessment of dimensionality.

2.   additional details in test equating.

3.     creating data sets with complete data records only (in the case of random missing data).

4.   reference of the cumulative person distribution to the normal counterpart with the same mean and standard deviation.

5.   expanding the display of Coefficient Alpha (for complete data records) and the Person Separation indices, with and without extreme scores - see also: Use of Reliability Indices in RUMM2030.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition of RUMM2030 is a considerable expansion of the Standard Edition and contains the latest updates to RUMM2030.  As such, the Professional Edition provides a full range of strategies, routines and graphical displays for conducting indepth Rasch analyses by exploiting the full power of the Rasch model. 

Major additional features included in the Professional edition:

1.   provision of Standard Errors for thresholds.

2.   Facet Analysis for up to a 3-way item response structure.

3.   strategy for examining response dependence between items.

4.   toggle for adding extreme persons to the category response display.

5.   conditional test-of-fit for a pair of polytomous items or a pair of tests.

6.   post hoc tailored response analysis, e.g., for testing the significance of guessing.

7.   enhanced threshold map when a person location is overlayed on the threshold/category map.

8.   addition of Person Characteristic Curves and standard residual plots for individual person responses across items attempted.

Purchasing RUMM2030

To purchase RUMM2030, attach the completed Order Form to an email forwarded to RUMM Laboratory.

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