Overview of RUMM


  • is a comprehensive item analysis package allowing rapid interaction procedures through its user friendly design and layout; 
  • is a fully operational Windows-based application which means that the creation of Projects, the running of analyses, and the manipulation of screen displays are all facilitated using simple mouse clicks on the range of easy-to-use Windows objects.

Output Facilities:

  • involve easy to read Tables and Plots;
  • allows data displays to be copied directly to spreadsheets for further analysis work;
  • provide fixed-text or tab-delimit text outputs suitable for Word Processor documents or Spreadsheets [to enhance Reports].

Platform Requirements:

  • WinXP and Win7;

The Package Comprises:

  • installation file download facility provided;
  • full set of Manuals;
  • sets of project, data and template files for conducting analyses based on examples used as illustrations in the Manuals and in the set of Interpreting RUMM documents.


  • "Getting Started" and "Displaying the RUMM2030 Analysis" for details on running basic analyses;
  • "Extending the RUMM2030 Analysis" is a comprehensive cover of the many advanced facilities in RUMM2030;
  • "Using Templates in RUMM" for setting up Projects for analyses; 
  • These Manuals contain many examples throughout the text and all graphics are taken from the RUMM2030 displays.

Standard Edition:

  • provides a limited selection of Interpreting RUMM analysis documents [PDF format]; 
  • access to all Manuals [PDF format]

Professional Edition:

  • full set of Interpreting RUMM analyses documents [PDF format];
  • access to all Manuals [PDF format]


Join the growing number of international researchers who continue to praise the significance of RUMM as a comprehensive and powerful research tool for conducting Rasch analyses together with its ease of use, and the large amount of time saved in preparing and conducting analyses - and time is money as we know.

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